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...to my website. I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings as much as I enjoy painting them! Feel free to contact me if you have further questions!

You will find two bodies of work here:
  • One body of work consists of acrylic paintings of Nature. Specifically these paintings are of the lakes and woods around my cabin off of the Gunflint Trail in Northern Minnesota as well as The Northern Shore of Lake Superior around Grand Marais. I paint the wilderness because it mirrors my soul. There is beauty and mystery that is untamed and quite free.
    In addition, with the effects of global warming changing our weather patterns I feel that it is very important to really look at nature on a deeper level. I try to become a part of it by painting it. I never tire of it. When I paint, it is a prayer for the Earth.
  • The other body of work is a series of portraits entitled “The Strong Women Series”. By “strong” I do not necessarily mean might, competition and brawn. The strength I am speaking about can be as gentle as a baby’s breath. It can be as quiet as the deep listening skills of a mom hearing out her teenage daughter...
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